Pong Bar


A unique night out with delightful food & drinks

Yes, we are a ping pong bar, and yes, we are renowned for our fun games. However, our competitive guests also find great joy in our menu. Thankfully, because all those efforts deserve to be rewarded. After searching for a suitable partner for several years, we ultimately found the perfect match – ourselves. After all, who knows better what brings joy after a good game of ping pong?

Asian street food

After extensive discussions and collaboration with top chefs, we have crafted this beautiful menu. A selection of Asian street food, along with some classic snacks, offers something for every enthusiast.
Think of a classic Fries Rendang, delicious bao buns, a beautiful curry, and more…
The cocktails and craft beers are irresistibly delicious and complement the food perfectly. And let’s be honest, that’s quite some useful information for your upcoming corporate event…

Pong, just keep playing

Large groups? No problem!

Are you coming to play and feast with a large group? Great! We have different menu options specifically designed for groups. From vegetarians to vegans, and from carnivores to omnivores, we cater to all your preferences. Want more information about the possibilities? Let us know!